Fundraising strategy and use of donations:

Excelsia Productions plan to fundraise based on our value proposition. We plan to utilise fundraising platforms using different channels. Video and audio are to be re-purposed  into  a  series  of  courses  that become automated funnel builders. These courses will populate social media and introductory messages drawn from the core content. This funnel will be self-perpetuating as it connects the viewer into a series of opt in/opt out choices. This model integrates all ‘touchpoints’ which will all work together to sell the finished product. 

Donations received will be used to:

  • Fund current production development, programming, marketing, and promotions; 
  • Produce future musical and film programmes supporting Australian indigenous culture;
  • Collaborate with similar cultural arts charities to produce music, arts, crafts, film and video;
  • Provide industry experience to support new graduates of Creative and Performing Arts;
  • Convert finished production materials to classroom versions to spread the word of God.

Excelsia Productions value transparency and accountability.  We will ensure donations go toward our main purpose – making a difference in cultural arts industry.